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Xinjiang Manas County Launch Internet + Senior Care 25,000 Seniors Enjoy Smart Retirement

Date:2017-12-01 11:00:00

Xinjiang Changji Manas County launch ‘Internet+Senior Care’, which will cover 25,000 elderly people with available senior service and medical service.

Manas County Kangning community citizen Gan Xuefeng’s daughter is absent from her, and she takes care of her disabled husband for 10 years. Before it was very difficult to hold her husband to bask in the sun by herself, but now an assistant will come to service only with a call from push to talk service machine. Gan Xuefeng said such service is very convenient, the assistants will free to help them with their difficulties. 

It is understand that information of more than 5000 out of 6800 elderly people over 60-year old has been gathered and uploaded for the ‘Internet+Senior Care’ project. ‘1163288 Kangyang cloud’ platform has been operated normally online and offline, a call from push to talk service machine will bring assistants and each business owners to the elderly people, and their accept and deliver orders will all be operated through this platform. Low fee and paid services are increasing, the concept from elderly people is also changing. Despite home clean service, services include shower, toenails cutting, seeking medical service accompany, cooking and entrusting to do other things are also offered. 

11,000 elderly people has experienced smart senior service by the end of September. Lv Wenze, vice director of Manas Civil Affairs Bureau said that Manas county will accelerate the construction of social senior service system in the following five years. Till 2022, 95% of villages from Manas would possess assist agencies, 90% of Manas towns would possess integrated welfare service center, 90% of Manas communities would possess daily care center or home-based senior service center, making social integrated welfare homes of integration of medical service and senior care and rehabilitation to meet the construction standard of autonomous area planed to be, realizing offering senior service and medical service to 25,000 elderly people in Manas .