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Guiyang Create Health Care Destination

Date:2017-11-27 17:15:00

From now to 2020, Guiyang will accelerate the construction of senior service system demonstration project, making sure to build up a list of high-end nursing institutions by the end of 2020, realizing the improvement and reformation of rural nursing homes and the overall coverage of community daily care center, to perfect the development of senior service industry, obviously broaden senior service industry scope, improve standard of service. 

Statistics show that in 2017 Guiyang local seniors over age 60 has reached to 633,000, the net growth is 40,000 more than last year, the aging rate is 16.05%, that is to say 16 out of 100 people is senior people. It is estimated that until 2020, seniors over age 60 will at least reach to 700,000. As the aging degree grows with the years and the acceleration of aging, social senior demand continues to grow.  

Guiyang Civil Affairs Bureau recently held a meeting of promoting senior service industry development, researching and deploying senior work of current and later stage to cope with aging problem. In the meeting presented to coordinate senior service, making use of Guiyang’s advantages include good environment, convenient transportation, habitable climate and abundant tourism resources, plan and build a list of high end nursing institutions of sojourned, recreational and resort style, making Guiyang a well-known and advanced health care destination. Coordinating Guiyang senior business, daily care center, configuration of nursing homes, gathering suggestions from every department, planning and building nursing institutions in different forms and categories, satisfying diverse and multilevel needs for seniors. 

At the same time, making successful project declaration, making reasonable use of state and provincial project fund. Doing best to improve service quality of nursing institutions, making favorable policies, introducing domestic and foreign capitals, teams, technology and experienced senior enterprises into Guiyang, exploring PPP mode and Three Changes mode, increasingly improve supply capacity of senior service.