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Shaanxi New Residential Areas Should Equipped with Senior Service Facilities Accordance with the Standard

Date:2017-11-22 16:00:00

Recently, Shaanxi published Shaanxi Aging Industry Development and Senior System Construction Plan during the 13th Five Year Plan, suggested to strengthen home-based senior service facilities construction. Coordinating the preparation of local home-based community facilities’ construction specific planning, the construction area of new residential areas should be 20 square meters per 100 houses at its minimum, equipped with senior service facilities, which is synchronized planned, built, examined and received and delivered with residence. 

According to the Plan, Shaanxi will improve senior service system, comprehensively build a senior service system based at home, rely on community, supplemented with institutions, integrate medical service and senior care, perfect function, modest size and covers both urban and rural. The proportion of government operated beds accounts for no more than 50%, nursing beds account for no less than 30%. Achieving full coverage in level three appointed medical institutions in city, county and village, increasing the health literacy of seniors to 10%, health management ratio of seniors over the age of 65 reach 95%.

Greatly develop home-based community senior service. Create a senior service mode using community as its platform, social organization as its supporter, social workers and community volunteers as its core personnel. Accelerate the construction of social senior service information linked up with household registration, medical, social security and other information, mainly boost services like senior health management, emergency aid, spiritual consolation, senior appointment and goods purchasing. Actively develop smart retirement, promote the combination between internet, internet of things, large data and other technologies and home-based senior service, so as to offer seniors touchable service. 

Along with the acceleration of public nursing home reformation, Shaanxi also support social forces to run nursing homes. Encouraging social forces to run nursing homes in the way of operating with special permits, cooperating government in social capitals. Allowing nursing home legally set several service nets, achieving scalable, chaining, branding operation. Encouraging integration and transformation of enterprises plant, business facilities and stock commercial houses to used for senior service.