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Ministry of Civil Affairs Established Senior Service Department

Date:2019-02-18 00:00:00

According to the document issued by General Office of the CPC Central Committee of Function Allocation, Internal Departments and Staff Size of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Civil Affairs was to establish Senior Service Department. This new department will undertake elderly livelihood mission, compose elderly welfare and subsidy plans, policies and standards, collaborate to promote care and service work to the empty-nest rural elderly, guide senior service, elderly welfare and management of nursing homes for extremely poor people relief and support. The document also further clarified the assignment of responsibilities between Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health Commission. Ministry of Civil Affairs is in charge of coordination and operation, guidance and supervision, monitoring and management of senior service work; formulating plans, regulations, policies and standards for the construction of senior service systems, and organize to implement them; undertaking the work of elderly welfare and assistance for the elderly with special difficulties. The National Health Commission is responsible for formulating policies and measures to deal with population aging and the combination of medical care and senior service, comprehensive coordination, supervision and guidance, organizing to promote the development of aging industry, undertaking the prevention of diseases of aging, medical care for the elderly, mental health care for the elderly.