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Chengdu to Deepen Senior Service Comprehensive Reform and Release Policy Dividends

Date:2019-01-18 00:00:00

Recently, Chengdu municipal government office printed Suggestions on Implementation of Deepening Senior Service Comprehensive Reform and Improving Senior Service Quality and three matched implementation plans on community-embedded aging promotion, elderly meal-helped service system establishment and elderly oriented transformation of senior houses, which advocated for strengthening reform and creation and releasing multi policy dividends centering on key areas and essential links in senior service field.

The first point is to fully open senior service market. Further relax market access, encourage domestic and foreign investors to set up nursing homes. Simplify approval process, carry out one-stop service of bidding for nursing homes. Cancel fire control examination and approval and acceptance for partial nursing homes.

The second point is to motivate vigor of social forces investing in senior service industry. Lead social forces to invest in constructing and operating professional functional nursing homes of care-giving  and terminal care. 

The third point is to deepen home-based and community senior service. Further advancing community-embedded aging, establishing a 15-minute senior service circle. Stretch the function of existing nursing homes and daily care centers to residential quarter and courtyards. 

The forth point is to promote integrated and innovative development of senior service. Accelerate the integration of senior service and medical care, cancel the approval of clinic, medical room, nursing station inside nursing homes. Encourage to found rehabilitation hospitals, clinic diseases hospitals and nursing stations. 

The fifth suggestion is to improve quality and efficiency of senior service. Support nursing beds transformation, raise the percentage of nursing beds. Nursing beds will accounts for over 45% of the whole senior beds by 2022. 

The sixth suggestion is to strengthen service inspection. Carry out nursing homes standardization and normalization pilots and quality construction specialization events. Establish assessment, encouragement and withdrawal mechanism of urban and rural community daily care centers. Enhance the supervision and guidance to industrial associations, push the establishment of service quality self-assessment and public commitment systems.