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Number of Urban and Rural Citizens in Hebei Province Access to Pension Insurance Increased by 418,800

Date:2019-01-10 00:00:00

It is known from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Hebei province, from 2018 to date, Hebei continuously deepening social security system reform, further fastening people’s livelihood and safety condition. By the end of November, 2018, numbers of citizens access to provincial urban workers’ pension insurance, urban and rural residents’ pension insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance increased by 457700, 418800, 188100 and 194100, fully fulfill the mission of expanding coverage scope of pension insurance. 

Since the year of 2018, Hebei province reformed and improved the system for overall planning of workers’ pension insurance, implement governmental duties from county to city to province, effectively reducing the contradiction of revenue and expenditure. Fund collection and allowance issuing were carried out by further pushing forward pension insurance system reform of government departments and public institutions. Hebei province has been raised up pensions for retired employees for 14 consecutive years, and the adjusted pension reach to RMB 2654 yuan which is a little higher than the national average. The lowest standard of basic pension of urban and rural residents’ basic pension insurance increased from RMB 90 yuan per person per month to RMB 108 yuan. 

Strengthen social insurance poverty alleviation. The government pays the pension insurance for those who meet the condition but suffered from poverty. Elders aged over 60 who are not covered by pension insurance and live in poverty can claim for treatment without making a supplementary payment. By the end of November, 2018, the province's poverty-stricken population in line with the urban and rural residents' pension insurance policy was 3.084 million, of which 17.52 million people were paid by government, RMB 175 million yuan was paid, and 1.332 million people were treated.