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Heilongjiang: Elders Aged over 60 Buy Health Products Can Return without any Reason in 7 Days

Date:2018-11-07 00:00:00

The 7th meeting of the 13th Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress recently reviewed and approved Decisions of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress on Strengthening Consumers’ Right Protections of Elderly Health Products Consumption and other areas(hereinafter Decisions). According to Decisions, elders aged over 60 buy health products through conference marketing and other ways can return health products in 7 days without any reason.


In elderly health producs and other consumption field, Heilongjiang will fight illegal crimes against fraudulently selling health care products to the elderly. When the procuratorate performs its duties and finds this consumer sector infringes many consumers’ rights, it can bring the civil public welfare lawsuit. A reward system can be established to solve the problem that law enforcement agencies have difficulty in obtaining illegal clues and obtaining evidence.


Decisions focuses on the supervision and management of prepaid card consumption. The operators can’t release prepaid card untill they have been registered for 6 months. The prepaid card should be issued at the same value, and not at a discount or premium. The prepaid card can be transformed free of charge. Rule of prepaid card should be publicized or offered to customers. Prepaid card contract should be signed at the request of the customer. The operators should refund the balance or extend the expiry date. Operators who are seriously break the law will be impose corresponding punishment.