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China to promote internet-powered healthcare in impoverished areas

Date:2018-11-01 00:00:00

Medical institutions in less-developed regions are encouraged to explore ways to include online diagnostic services in the government's basic medical insurance program, according to China's state medical insurance administration on Wednesday.

The establishment of the hierarchical medical system will be further promoted to improve services in poverty-stricken areas and to ensure impoverished families have access to basic medical and healthcare services, according to the State Administration of Medical Insurance.

At the same time, medical insurance will also cover the fees of contracted family doctor services. At present, family doctors in China include general practitioners registered with grassroots health institutions, qualified doctors at township clinics, and village doctors providing basic medical care and other healthcare services.

Additionally, direct settlement services for cross-regional medical treatment will also be promoted to improve the quality of grassroots medical services.

Source: China Daily