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Jiangxi: Senior Service Subsidies Available for Elders in Difficulties

Date:2018-09-12 10:50:00

According to Jiangxi Elders Office, Jiangxi province recently printed and distributed documents helping disabled elders and those who were in financial burdens solve senior service difficulties and challenges. The documents also stated that the senior service subsidy for elders who suffered from financial burdens would be RMB50 per person per month.

According to the newly distributed Measures for the Implementation of Subsidy for Elders in Financial Difficulties in Jiangxi Provincehereinafter Measures), among all those who enjoyed the basic living allowance, care subsidy for disabled people who haven’t claimed disabled subsidies would be no less than RMB50 per person per month; care subsidy for disabled and partly disabled elders who suffered from exceptional poverty would be no less than 80% and 20% of the local standards on minimum wages respectively. 

It has been clearly stated that the subsidies for elders over age 80 will not offset against the subsidies in Measures. Elders who meet the standards could apply both those two subsidies.