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Basic Senior Pension Insurance Fully Covered Sichuan Poor People

Date:2018-09-05 12:25:00

According to Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Sichuan is one of the 6 national poverty alleviation provinces, since the number of Sichuan poor people accounts for the most proportion. Social security poverty alleviation is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the strategic decision-making of the Party Central Committee and State Council to win the battle against poverty. This year, under the united leadership of Party Committee of Ministry of Civil Affairs, according to the united deployment, social security institution across Sichuan carry out practical measures on policy support, organization security, statistics accuracy and service, solid conduct social insurance poverty alleviation in a hundred days. By the end of June, 2018, all the qualified poor people aged 16 or above joined the pension insurance for urban and rural citizens in terms of government payment and support, and the total number is 4,840,000, including 2,790,000 citizens, aged from 16 to 59, who have already been treated to government payment, and 2,050,000, aged above 60, who have already enjoyed treatment support.