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Forum on Senior Service Standardization Construction and Service Certification successfully held in Beijing

Date:2018-06-01 09:00:00

On May 10th, Forum on Senior Service Standardization Construction and Service Certification of CISSE2018 was successfully held at China National Convention Center in Beijing. As one of the parallel activities, The Forum was hosted by China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service(CASWSS), supported by China Association for Standardization (CAS) and Chinese Certification and Accreditation Association(CCAA), organized by Committee of Senior Service Evaluation and Standardization Construction of CASWSS and Healthcare Quality Certification Commission Co,. LTD(HQCC). Zhao Zongbo, inspector of Accreditation and Supervision Department of Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China(CNCA), Gao Jianzhong, vice-director general and secretary general of CAS, Feng Xiaoli, President of CASWSS attended and addressed the meeting.

In the key year of comprehensively implement the spirit of the 19th NCCPC, improve quality and efficiency, as well as creation and development of senior service industry, the 7th China International Senior Services Expo was successfully concluded, gathering powerful social forces to promote the development of senior service industry. Experts in senior service standardization construction area and service evaluation got together at Forum on Senior Service Standardization Construction and Service Certification and jointly conducted fruitful high end talks and exchange, discussed the Chinese senior service standardization construction, latest policy orientation of service certification and practical results. .

In his speech, Zhao Zongbo said hosting this forum was very necessary, timely and effective under the background that the Party and nation paid high attention to the standardization construction. In recent years, Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China and other related departments of Ministry of Civil Affairs actively promoted the construction of standardization, further pushed forward senior service industry standardization reform, focused on strengthening the foundation of senior service and the establishment of supporting standards, continuously carried out senior service standardization pilot work, improving the quality and efficiency of senior service industry. CNCA’s newest policy about promoting service certification encouraging industrial organizations and enterprises to actively participate service certification, and he hoped all the present experts and staff to innovate and practice enthusiastically.

In his speech, Gao Jianzhong said the supporting and leading role of standardization should be paid highly attention in senior service industry. On one hand, satisfying the growing senior service need should be taken as the priority, improving quality of facilities, enhancing service standard, increasing the level of senior service standardization construction. On the other hand, the construction of senior service industry itself needed to be unified, standardized, high-level, replicable, sustainable, compatible with related industries, and coordinated with stakeholders and service providers.

In her speech, Feng Xiaoli pointed that standardization construction was a vital path to improve service quality and levels in modern service industry. Since its foundation, CASWSS adhered to the overall situation of service, highlighted service features, cooperated with Ministry of Civil Affairs to promote the deployment of senior service standardization construction, organized our member units to actively carry out standardization pilot work under the great support of local governmental departments. Recently CASWSS has already been appointed as group standard pilot unit by Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China. In 2018, CASWSS will further cooperate with governmental departments to accelerate the deployment of senior service standardization construction, organize member units to continuously and creatively carry out standardization construction and evaluation certification of nursing institutions, proving the functional role of serving overall situation, society, industry and seniors of social organizations, making great contributions to fasten the senior service supply-side reform, meet the yearning and demand of seniors for a better life and promote social harmony.

Denise Bedard, President of Canadian Seniors Association made a speech on “Evolution of Regulations and Legislations in Seniors Care ”, systematically introducing the senior service standardization construction and practical experiences under the support of Canadian government and policy, Lei Yang, director of Standardization Research Center of Social Welfare Center of Ministry of Civil Affairs, made a speech on “Development Direction of the Senior Service Industry Standardization Construction”, introducing the series of policies introduced by the nation in recent years, and fully promoting the senior service standardization construction and the results of quality inspections, Briony Dan, director of Australia Senior Care Research Institute, made a speech on “Australian Senior Service ”, introducing practical experiences of Australian senior service quality and standardization, Sun Caiyang, vice director of Welfare and Charity Division of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, made a speech on “Practice of Standardization Construction and Innovative Development of Jiangsu Senior Service Institutions”, introducing the pilot results of fully promoting senior service standardization construction in 13 cities in Jiangsu province in the year of 2017, Hou Fei, Associate Research Fellow of Service Standardization Research Institute, China National Institute of Standardization, made a speech on “History and Future of Social Standardization against the Background of International Aging”, introducing international experience of social service standardization construction, Feng Zhanjun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Insurance Society, made a speech on “The Role of Insurance in China’s Senior Service Industry”, analyzing the significance and role of financial support in promoting the development of Chinese senior service industry.


Therese van den Hurk, Founder of Teresa Happy Care International Group, Chang Hua, Director of Beijing No.1 Social Welfare Institute, Xiong Chenggang, Party Secretary of Wuhan Jianghan District Social Welfare Institute of Hubei, Wang Hong, Operations Director of Taihe Pure Land Corporation, Hu Shiyuan, International Project Director of ADEF Residences, Liu Ziping, Director of Quality Technology Department of Healthcare Quality Certification Commission of China, Yuan Zhi, Chairman of Hunan Kangle Nianhua Senior Services Co., Ltd., Liu Xiaoqing, Operations Director of Nursing Training of Nichii Group, who all delivered wonderful speeches around the theme of “Exploration and Practice of Standardization of Senior Service Institution” and “Evaluation Model and Pilot Promotion of Senior Service”.

The wonderful speeches delivered by the guests resonated with the audience, who interacted with the experts passionately in a warm atmosphere. The forum provided innovative wisdom and inexhaustible power for standardization construction and service certification workers. The forum was a complete success.